Security Consulting

Rigby Security Systems provides security reviews for home, residential, commercial, industrial or government requirements. Our knowledge of building layout and design has helped us to find better solutions to common problems when trying to secure small and large properties.We review all sorts of security assets from property access such as door locks, garage doors, swipe card systems, master key locks to static security such as safes & electronic surveillance systems.
Our aim is to serve you our client and to meet your security needs.

Small Business

We value your business and understand that you need the best security products for the size and location of your current business. We provide reviews based on your current needs and scope your future needs to allow for growth.

We deal with many small businesses, start ups, home/office style businesses to review their current security and show them a variety of ways to protect their business now and into the future.

Corporate Building Systems

Our vast experience with locks and lockmithing, electronic security systems and surveillance equipment allows us to have a wider view of how a corporate building security system should be setup.
We’ve seen quite a number of well designed, and not so well designed, security systems for securing property and people within a corporate venue; so we are well equipped with the knowledge required to review your building security systems.

Rigby Security Systems can review your current security systems and let you know where your security system might require attention for both security and for the efficiency of your day to day business.

Onsite Systems Reviews

We provide on-site systems reviews and a personal service. We will come to you and review your business security systems to see exactly how it works, how the staff use it, and whether it is the required security solution for your business.

Rigby Security Systems takes great pride in providing you with the highest level of service in security reviews that will provide your home, business or organisation with the future protection required, and give you peace of mind.

Commonly asked questions :

What is a review? A security review is a comprehensive and unbiased approach to solve your home, business or organisations security needs. Rigby Security Systems will meet with you to discuss your concerns and what is important to you and carry out a survey of your premises and all of your current security assets to provide you with honest advice on the best security products and services to meet your needs.

Who should book a review? Strata managers, building managers, site managers, retail managers, house residents, prospective tenants, property managers and any person that would like to know how to better secure their property.

How do I book a review? To book a security review of your home, business or organisation, go to our Contact Us page and complete the form or call us on mobile +61 424 187 800 and we will organise a time to come and help you.